SNAP - Spay Neuter Action Project

Let’s talk about pet overpopulation. There are many people who are unable or unwilling to care of their pets. As a result, many animals are left to fend for themselves or brought to shelters... most of them over-crowded.

Millions of pets of all types, breeds, and ages are euthanized each year in the United States. There are thousands of good people who help these pets to get a good home and therefore preventing these pets from being killed.

In San Diego, there is a non-profit called Spay Neuter Action Project, SNAP. They run a program called the Neuter Scooter, which is a 40 foot mobile converted RV neuter unit. Inside the Neuter Scooter they have 25 stainless steel kennels, a prep area and a surgery suite. They do high volume spay and neuter in low income areas in San Diego.

According the SNAP people, there are 50 thousand pets that enter in the San Diego shelters each year. They believe that reducing the number of pets will also reduce the number of euthanasia. Currently there are many pets in the list to be euthanized.

The Neuter Scooter provides 30 surgeries each day. Pets that are neutered by SNAP are also provided with Free services such as one year rabbis vaccination, 1 year license, nails trimmed, and flea / worm treatment. They also go to schools and libraries and provide free pet education classes. The Neuter Scooter has been doing this wonderful service for almost 11 years. They have provided over 45 thousand neuter and spay services in San Diego County.

SNAP is the solution for pet overpopulation. Spay or neuter your pet. Also, if you are interested in adopting a pet, go to Chula Vista Animal Services. They euthanize a great number of pets there

To schedule your appointment with Neuter Scooter, call (866) SPAYBUS (866) 772-9287. Their web is



Spay Neuter Action Project - SNAP

Nutraceutical Approach To Cure And Prevent Cancer In Pets

What should we do for pets with cancer? According to Dr. Moraes it's fundamental to improve the pets’ immune system. Several nutraceuticals modulate this immunological process such as:

1- Take care of your pet's digestive system. About 70% of your pet'simmune defense is located in his intestine. So it makes perfect sense to take care of his intestine to enhance his immune system. 2- Increase the content of omega 3 in their diet to reduce inflammation.

3- Reduce the amount of carbohydrate, and increase protein and lipids in your pet's diet.

4- Include broccoli, brussels sprouts and turnips in your pet's diet. These vegetables have a molecule called indole-3-carbinol. This molecule makes an epigenetic effect that silences the breast cancer gene. Including broccoli in your pets' diet is very good, but they should not eat it every day or they may develop thyroid problems.

For more information on nutraceutical for pets contact Dr. Luis Fernando de Moraes at


Nutraceutical Approach To Cure And Prevent Cancer In Pets

Determination and Courage Of An Amazing Animal Defender

Interview with Jan Creamer, the President and co-founder of Animal Defenders International (ADI), which is group committed to animal protection across the globe. Jan not only investigates animal cruelty, but also secures legislation to stop the harm and bring abusers to justice. Jan and her husband Tim Phillips,have publishes technical reports, educates communities, and drafts legislation documents for animals worldwide—including bans on animal circuses in 20 countries and a ban on cosmetics testing on animals in Europe.

ADI exposed the cruel treatment of circus animals in Bolivia, going undercover to rescue and relocate 29 circus lions via airlift to safer homes in the United States. Now, the film “Lion Ark” captures the behind-the-scenes plight of the animal rescue, the heartache, and the joyful flight to freedom.

For more information on ADI, visit

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Don't Shop! Adopt

Pure breed pets are beautiful, but with thousands and perhaps millions of abandoned pets in shelters and rescue centers, do you think it makes sense to buy a pet? Below are some informative videos for you to adopt a pet. Whether you buy a pet or adopt one, your pet won't know the difference.

Animal Advocate of the United States


Parrot Education & Adoption Center 

Second Chance Rescue


Labrador & Friends Dog Rescue



Even Chance Rescue


Guardian Angels Animal Rescue

Interview with Joan Steiger

Interview with Joan Steiger who is an American actress of film, television and stage. She has a dog named Floppers who has made a difference in her life.

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Let's ban LIVE animals in key rings

Key Rings are being sold on the streets of China with LIVE animals sealed in bags... Yes they are sealed in bags to die, there is no air, and no food!   Read more......

For more information, visit

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Thousands of service dogs will receive free sight saving eye exams

U.S. and Canada from April 1st to end of May 2012 thru the 5th Annual ACVO®/Merial® National Service Dog Eye Exam Event.

Interview with Dr. Tony Basher who will talk about this event and how to keep your pet’s eyes healthy.

For more information, visit

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Face To Face Interview with Temple Gradin

I had the honor to interview Temple Gradin, who inspired an audience with her presentation about autism and animals. My gratitude to Karen Shultz for her assistance at this event.

For more information about Temple Gradin go to

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Animal Planet Swimming Cats

Interview with Mary Ellen Angelscribe who is a pet newspaper columnist  and talks about how pets often alert their guardians to oncoming seizures, diabetic comas, cancer, etc. She shares stories about her journey with her cats.

If you want to know more about Mary Ellen Angelscribe go to

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Three Legged Cat and Two Legged Dog Changing People's Lives

Interview with Cathy Conheim who runs a national educational healing project with Henry, a three legged cat and his girl friend Tink, a two legged dachshund plus Dolly, his "sister" black poodle. Henry has answered 55,000 letters all over the world. He teaches humans to turn obstacles to opportunities.

If you want to know more about Henry's world  go to

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ASPCA Dog of the Year

Ricochet is a 3 year old golden retriever who is a surfer and competes in many surfing competitions to raise money, and to date she has raised just over $100,000. When not surfing or fund raising, she is involved in goal assisted therapy working with children through Pawsitive Teams.

If you want to know more about Ricochet go to

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Cat Teaches Children How To Overcome Obstacles

Interview with Carolyn Banguero who is a volunteer at Meow Cat Rescue, and talks about Paolo, a very brave cat, who was born with a concave rib cage, which gave him respiratory distress.  Carolyn wrote a book  about Paolo's journey, while experiencing heart failure herself. Paolo, the cat, inspire lots of children to overcome obstacles.

If you want to know more about Carolyn Banguero and Paolo go to

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Dog Sniffs Cancer and Saves Owner's Life

Interview with Debbie Turner who talks about Largo, her first Schauzer, who began to sniff her lower lip and turned out to be  a very particular cancer which has about a 37% survival rate. Debbie shares her amazing recovery experience and how her dogs contributed to it.

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Therapy Dogs Help Wounded Police And Military Veterans

Interview with CJ Betancourt who is part of FSDS, which is a non-profit organization which trains and certify service dogs based in Arizona. Once certified, their dogs are usually granted to wounded police, military veterans and other first responders who have been injured while serving their community. This is an amazing program!!

If you want to know more about  FSDS, go to

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The Dog Who Could Draw Words Out Of Autistic Children's Mouths

Interview with Vicki Rackner who is a former surgeon who had a dog called Elvira. Elvira was a healer and made people feel better. Elvira would draw autistic children out of themselves into the world and draw words out of their mouths.

If you want to know more about Vick Rackner go to

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Pet Psychic Helping Pet Owners

Interview with Terri Jay who is pet psychic for over 20 years helping people with their pets’ health, behavior and performance issues. She share with us her experience communicating with animals.

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Healing Power Of Animals

Interview with Kelly Meister the critter lady, who talks about the healing power of animals! She is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and she turned to animals to help her healing process instead conventional therapy.

If you want to know more about Kelly Meister go to

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Live Interview - Dog Helps Cancer Survivor

This is a live interview done at Pet Expo in San Diego. It is a very emotional interview!!

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